Feature: The driver raising awareness for infertility

In 2019 Toby Trice will make his debut in the Ginetta GRDC series but his motives for racing differ somewhat from your ordinary race driver.

Toby started his motorsport journey in 2016 when he began karting with a friend of his and although this would start out as a bit of fun, it became more than that for Toby.

At the time Trice had been dealing with infertility issues and karting became an escape for him and a place he could forget about his troubles.

He started out self funded, renting karts at Buckmore Park and then started competing in Club 100 events, honing his skills and race craft.

In 2018 this resulted in Trice getting his maiden podium in the Buckmore Pro Championship in what was a very closely fought season.

During the Buckmore Park Driver of the Year event Trice had an eventful evening. Recalling the event he said, “I had a spin in the heats and thought it was all over but (in) the endurance club 100 race I absolutely smashed it.”

“Setting the fastest lap of the night, lapping the whole grid aside from 3 other drivers and the judges were very impressed and therefore awarded me the podium.”

This cumulated in him receiving the Buckmore Park Driver’s Driver of the Year award in March.

“When the presenter was saying about how prestigious it was and the likes of Michael Conway and Michael Crees had won it before. IMG_8282To say my name for the award was just madness.” said Trice.

“Its been an emotional year after dealing with IVF and no success so as you can imagine it was overwhelming.”


Having won this award Trice is now stepping up to racing in cars for the first time and will be looking to enter the Ginetta GRDC series.

The GRDC series is designed for amateur racers and gives competitors the chance to learn and develop with a view to progressing into the Ginetta G40 championship.

Trice is looking to make the most of this opportunity to raise awareness for infertility with Fertility Network UK, a charity set up to help couples deal with this issue.

He is hoping to use motorsport’s large fanbase to raise awareness as well as being able to offer support in a “really positive, energetic and fun environment”.

While this would be a big enough challenge for most, Trice is not stopping there. He plans to progress up through the Ginetta ladder and his ultimate target is to compete in the Le Mans 24 hours all while raising awareness for infertility.

The GRDC series gets underway with a sprint challenge at Blyton Park on the 10th May.


Feature Image credit: MSV Trackday Photography