Magnussen claims his Haas is confusing

Kevin Magnussen has said that his Haas is confusing, and despite being aerodynamically sound, his team are unable to get it to perform consistently.

The Austrian Grand Prix is Magnussen’s 50th race with Haas and he will be hoping to extract the maximum out of his car after a tough couple of races.

Speaking in the press conference on Thursday Magnussen said: We know we have got a good car aerodynamically and a car that can perform well”.

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“Then we’ve found ourselves in situations where the car isn’t performing at all and we can’t really point at the problem.”

Magnussen has not scored a point since Monaco and the Dane has finished 17th in his last two races. Teammate Romain Grosjean has not fared any better, finishing 14th in Canada before retiring in France last weekend.

Despite the Pirelli tyres causing difficulty for a number of teams, Magnussen doesn’t think Haas can lay the blame solely on that factor.

“It is a bit confusing as to why we are so strong sometimes and even on tracks that look the same as, you know say Barcelona, where we were strong, we struggle sometimes.” aded Magnussen.

“It’s not like you can find a trend and zoom in on the problem.”

“It’s a little bit confusing but we are working very hard to locate the problem and take a direction of where to look.”