Leclerc says Silverstone was most enjoyable race of his career

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has said that the British Grand Prix was the race he has “enjoyed the most” in his Formula 1 career so far.

Leclerc finished third in the race, taking his fourth consecutive podium, and had a great battle with the Red Bull of Max Verstappen.

Verstappen had managed to get ahead of Leclerc after the safety car period when Leclerc pitted a lap later for new tyres but the Ferrari driver was able to get back ahead when his teammate Sebastian Vettel crashed into Verstappen.

Speaking after the race, Leclerc said: “It’s probably the race I enjoyed the most in my Formula One career.”

“It’s a short career, only one year and a half, but it was definitely very, very fun from inside the car.”

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Leclerc and Verstappen went wheel to wheel for the first time in Austria as Verstappen passed his young rival for the lead going into Turn 3. Leclerc went off the track as a result but was able to finish just behind Verstappen in second.

At Silverstone the pair went wheel to wheel again and although they banged wheels, they kept the racing hard but fair.

“I think that Austria was quite an eye-opener for me to understand how far we could go and what was accepted and I’m very happy at the end to race like this.” added Leclerc.

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“I think every driver wants to race hard and that’s what we did during most of the race.”

“It was very, very fun, always borderline, but I think always in the rules and very, very enjoyable from the car.”

Verstappen enjoyed the battle

Although Verstappen was taken out of the podium position hunt after being hit by Vettel going into Club, he thoroughly enjoyed his battle with Leclerc earlier in the Grand Prix.

“The battles with Charles were hard but fair and he was defending really well.” said Verstappen.

“I didn’t want to risk too much as the race was still very long and we were clearly faster, so it was just a matter of choosing the right time and it was great fun.”