Renault extend partnership with BP and Castrol

Renault have announced that they have extended their partnership with BP and Castrol for an additional two years.

The original agreement had been due to end in 2022 but Renault have extended the deal for an additional two years.

The partnership between the Renault F1 team, BP and Castrol began in 2017 and the new agreement will see an expansion of their collaboration.

As part of the extension BP and Castrol will continue to supply Renault with advanced fuels and engine oil, gear and hydraulic oils, greases and brake fluid. They will also supply a range of high-performance industrial lubricants to the Team’s technical centres in Enstone for the chassis and in Viry-Châtillon for the engine.

Group Renault will also use Castrol as its road car aftersales’ global service fill engine oil lubricants partner from 1 January 2020.

In a press release issued by Renault they stated: “This strong technical partnership in service fill and Formula 1 will enable the partners to push technological boundaries both on and off the track.”

“With Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricants brands, Groupe Renault will build a strong partnership that will enable Renault customers and dealers to enjoy the best service and products while contributing strongly to our Formula 1 ambitions.”