Channel 4 continues extended highlights F1 TV deal

Channel 4 and Sky have agreed a new commercial deal, meaning Formula 1 highlights will remain on free-to-air TV for the foreseeable future.

Channel 4 lost their rights to air regular live Grand Prix events for 2019, but agreed a deal with Sky to show extended highlights for every race as well as airing the British Grand Prix live.

The new multi-year deal will see that deal remain, although it has not been confirmed how long the multi-year deal will last for.

Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon said: “Channel 4 has established itself as the go-to channel for free to air television coverage of Formula 1.

“We’re thrilled that motorsport fans will be able to continue to enjoy the excitement of F1 through our highlights of all the races and live coverage of the British Grand Prix.”

The free-to-air channel has enjoyed a successful year of Formula 1 coverage, attracting on average 1.7m viewers for race highlights and their live British Grand Prix coverage peaked at 2.9m viewers.

The new deal comes as Channel 4 and Sky have agreed a content deal with Sky and NOW TV customers, allowing them to watch box-sets of selected series before they air on Channel 4.