F1 team bosses concerned 2021 regulations are too limited

Formula1 team bosses have expressed their concern that the aerodynamic regulations being proposed for 2021 are too prescriptive.

The FIA are introducing a new set of regulations for the 2021 season, with a raft of changes made to the aerodynamics of the cars, in the hope it will allow drivers to follow each other closer than they are currently able to.

It was confirmed in Friday’s press conference at the Singapore Grand Prix that the teams have received some of the new regulations for 2021, but team bosses are concerned that there is not enough freedom for teams to experiment with different design concepts.

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“I doubt there’s any aero department that’s read those rules [2021 regulations] and got particularly excited about them.” commented Red Bull Team Principal, Christian Horner in Friday’s press conference.

“Some of the regulations were released yesterday I think and there’s probably a few long faces in the aero department today, but that’s not just unique to Red Bull.”

This was a sentiment backed up by McLaren boss Zak Brown, who feels that with the introduction of a budget cap, the aerodynamic rules could be relaxed.

“I think I too would like to see more freedom expressed” added Brown.

“When you have the budget cap then you’re fixed on how much you can spend and if the rules were a little bit more opened up, whether it was aerodynamics or others, then you’d have some more choices to make.

“You might see cars coming out looking a little bit more differently than they do today, because you could chose where you think you’re going to get your competitive advantage.

“That being said, all the engineers in this sport are pretty clever people and so they will figure out areas where they think they can make a difference.”

Haas Team Principal, Guenther Steiner also agrees with his Red Bull and McLaren counterparts, and feels that the budget cap should regulate the aerodynamic development with teams limited to how much they can spend in that area in any event, but he was glad that caution was being used in the first instance.

“The budget cap should regulate that the budget cap and the aero development.” stated Steiner.

“They can probably use the wind tunnel and CFD just for a limited time should be so it’s a little bit close but maybe in the beginning it’s good that we’re not going too far.”