Horner: Next season will be “very expensive”

Red Bull Team Principal, Christian Horner has said that the new regulations for 2021 means that next season will be “very expensive”.

In order to try and close the gap between the top three and the remainder of the grid, F1 bosses have introduced a budget cap from 2021, and although Horner agrees that it will help tighten the field over the next five years, it will make the 2020 season “very expensive”.

“I think the frustration about the regulations are it makes next year very expensive because we have effectively three things going on,” commented Horner in Friday’s press conference at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“We have the current car to develop, we have tyre testing on behalf of Pirelli with a sort of an interim car and then we have the development of a new car to a new set of regulations, so next year is a big challenge.”

Alfa Romeo Team Principal, Frederic Vasseur also agreed with Horner’s comments, but added that with the amount of changes being made, he hopes the new regulations will remain stable for the long term, otherwise there will be no difference to the gap between the top teams and the rest of the field compared to now.

“The most important thing for me is the stability of the regulations,” added Vasseur.

“If we change the regulations another time in ’23 or ’24 it will be very difficult for the small teams to have an advantage on this.”

Despite the new rules being created in order to reduce the ‘dirty air’ created by the cars, thus allowing them to race closer together and provide more opportunities for overtaking, the team bosses remained cautious as to whether it will pan out as intended.

“Will the new regulations help overtaking? I can’t predict that.” said Racing Point Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer.

“We thought that the new front wing this year was going to do that and it didn’t so I’m unsure.”

Horner was also equally cautious, saying: “I think the intention is great in what they are wanting to achieve with this high wake concept.

“Whether that’s achievable only time will tell.

“It’s very much a clean sheet of paper, the regulations, so with that you tend to get divergence rather than convergence and obviously the cars are a little simpler,

“There’s not as many aerodynamic influencing elements all over the car so it’s certainly going to be interesting.”