Steiner: I should have listened to drivers more

Haas Team Principal, Guenther Steiner, has said that he should have listened to his drivers more during this year’s Formula 1 season.

Haas has struggled this year after going the wrong way in their development programme, and are currently running their Melbourne spec car due to upgrades throughout the year not working.

The American team are ninth in the constructor’s championship, and unless they score podiums in the final race of the F1 season in Abu Dhabi this weekend, they will be unable to beat Alfa Romeo to eighth spot.

Reflecting on a difficult season for Haas, Steiner said: “One thing I would do is to just do something different after we introduced the upgrade in Barcelona.

“I would listen a little bit more to the drivers and be a little bit more self-critical.”

Haas’ drivers, Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen were repeatedly vocal about the fact that the upgrades on their car were not working, but it was not until the United States Grand Prix that both cars were set back to the Melbourne spec car,.

Since then, the team has had better performance, with both cars qualifying well in the Brazilian Grand Prix before Romain Grosjean ran in the points during the race, until he suffered an MGU-K issue and lost positions to other cars that were on fresher tyres.

Although this year has been a difficult one for Haas, Steiner believes there is a silver lining and it has allowed them to learn some valuable lessons whilst also switching to the development of next year’s car earlier than normal.

“I would say there is a silver lining.” aded the Haas Team Principal.

“We started to react during the summer break to work on the 2020 car – to try to avoid the mistakes we’ve made this year. We don’t want to repeat them.

“We had to learn some lessons to get better.

“Next year will be a new book and, hopefully, we go back to the kind of performances we had in 2018.”