Brands Hatch undergoes improvements to circuit

Brands Hatch owners, MSV, have confirmed that the Kent based circuit is undergoing major renovations and improvements this winter.

The run-off area at Clearways, the final corner on the circuit, is being extensively re-profiled during the winter, with the Armco barriers and fencing being moved further away from the track so that the gravel trap can be extended to improve its effectiveness.

Although this will move spectators further away from the circuit, the owners have said that a raised viewing area is being constructed on the outside of the track, giving spectators a great view at a corner which sees a lot of overtaking action throughout the year.

The work being undertaken will also increase the safety standards at Brands Hatch, with the chance of a competitor reaching the barriers being decreased.

Speaking about the work being undertaken this winter, Brands Hatch Circuit Manager said: “This major on-track project is a hugely positive move which massively promotes the safety of competitors, both in car and motorcycle racing.

“This development significantly increases the size of our gravel trap run-off at Clearways and Clark Curve but will continue to allow spectators to view from that area of the venue if they so wish.”

Brands Hatch have confirmed that that the work will be completed in time for the opening meeting of the year, when the BMCRC-MRO 2020 championship arrives in May.

The Kent based circuit will once again play host to the British Touring Car Championship on to occasions, with the first event taking place on the weekend of the 11th April 2020.