Williams likely prioritising getting close to midfield in 2020

Williams are likely to be prioritising getting closer to the midfield pack in 2020, according to Karun Chandhok.

Over the past two seasons, the Grove-based team have found themselves at the back of the grid, and last year they were unable to match the pace of any other car until the latter rounds, when they were able to race against Haas.

The team only scored a single point last season -when Robert Kubica secured 10th place in the German Grand Prix after both Alfa Romeo’s were disqualified – and didn’t fare much better the year before, when they scored a total of seven points throughout the season.

With an overhaul of the regulations coming in 2021, some teams are prioritising their 2021 car over their 2020 challenger, but Chandhok believes Williams will be aiming to push to be closer to the midfield, although nobody will know how successful they’ve been until the F1 circus arrives at the fifth race of the season at Barcelona.

Speaking to Last Lap, Chandhok said: “You can’t judge based on the first four races.”

“You’ve got four very different circuits including a new one this year of course, so I think until we get to Barcelona we can’t really judge what the pecking order will be.

“But certainly I imagine Williams’ expectations will be to at least be closer to the rest of the pack.

Chandhok also agreed that some teams will prioritise 2021 over this season, but it will come down to what the team owners and sponsors want, as the likes of Williams, Racing Point and Haas will need to prove to their sponsors that they are making solid improvements.

“There will be certain teams who are perhaps looking at 2020 as just an interim year, as a stop gap to get to 2021.

“There are other teams who will probably think, you know what, actually we need to get some results on the board this year, to satisfy our sponsors, or owners, or whatever.

“As a team, you know what your objectives are, what your plan is, but you don’t know what the other nine people are doing, so it’s all relative.”