FIA invites tenders for fuel flow meters

The FIA has invited tenders to provide the sole supply of fuel flow meters for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Formula 1’s governing body is looking for a single supplier to provide fuel flow meters from the 2021 season, with the contract due to run until the end of the 2023 championship.

Up until now, F1 teams have created their own fuel flow meters and concerns have arisen over previous seasons that some teams may have attempted to manipulate the flow of the fuel, although nothing has never been proven and no action has been taken.

In an attempt to police this area more robustly, and to reduce costs, the FIA have decided to introduce a standard flow meter for 2021.

The tender requirements issued by the FIA also state that the contract could be extended until the 20204 or 2025 season, but this would be at their discretion.

Within the tender document, the FIA has confirmed that the cost of the sensors must not exceed £5,000 and they must have a warranty of 100 hours running time.

The supplier will also not be allowed to charge more than £500 for any service of a sensor that would allow for a further 100 hours worth of use, and the total lifetime of the sensor shall be no shorter than 400 hours.

Any supplier wishing to submit a tender for the fuel flow meters must do so by March 13 2020, and the FIA will confirm who the contract will be awarded to by Mid-April 2020.

The document also states that from 2020, all teams will be limited to the amount of sensors they can use over the course of the season to measure the fuel flow rate.

Each car currently has two sensors fitted, and the first sensor cannot be replaced more than eight times during the season, while the second sensor is limited to four replacements.