Australian Grand Prix Cancelled because of Coronavirus

Following McLaren’s withdrawal from the event after one of their team tested positive for Coronavirus, the Grand Prix was cancelled this officially this morning in Melbourne.

As soon as this announcement came on Thursday night in Melbourne, calls came to cancel the event before running began on Friday.

A whole night ensued with no official announcement.

Rumours began to surface and didn’t stop all night with Sky News reporting the race would go ahead and BBC reporting it wouldn’t.

Eventually trusted sources gave the large publications confidence to publish the cancellation.

Yet still no official word.

Mercedes sent a letter requesting cancellation from the FIA and immediately after a response came.

With two hours before free practice one, and teams in the paddock, the race was called off.

It appears that no announcement could be made until the F1 has met with the Australian Grand Prix Commission which could only take place at the track in the morning.

The way it has been handled has been farcical with the teams and staff at the race putting their trust in the FIA that it would be a safe environment but that was obviously not the case.

The questions now are based on what happens in Bahrain.

It’s already spectator free but that doesn’t account for the problems within the paddock environment.

The problems are not over yet.