How to get your motorsport fix

Motorsport, rightly so, has been halted. 

Including this weekend there should have been three F1 races, three BTCC races and two Formula E rounds.

But that does nothing to halt any addiction to the sport. Absence makes the heart grow stronger, does it not?

I am going to outline some ways in which you can satisfy your need for motorsport and don’t worry, it won’t all be about Drive to Survive! I’ll try to come up with some relatively original choices.


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F1 TV Access costs just over £2 a month and gives you all of this! © FOM

F1 TV had a rough beginning and it is still trying to develop itself to be the perfect platform to watch F1 from.

The lack of locations where it is able to be used live has let it down but it is still brilliant as an archive.

F1 TV offers the F1 TV Access package for just over £2 a month which allows you to access to the full archive of Grands Prix and much more, including the Formula 2 documentary, Chasing the Dream.

Over 500 hours of races are available to rewatch in full with English commentary. And races from after the platform was developed offer a split screen pitlane channel with various onboards as well as the main feed.

You can also view a whole race from one onboard and get full access to that drivers radio.

It is a good quality product albeit still with some teething problems, but for sheer quantity of the library, it is worth it.

Senna vs Brundle

This film is all about the intense British F3 season of 1983. The season that famously catapulted two drivers directly to F1.

These two drivers are names that are revered to this day and will go on to be praised for some time, Ayrton Senna and Martin Brundle.

I don’t need to provide any indication about who these two are. Senna is obviously the three time world champion in F1, arguably the greatest of all time.

Brundle is a driver who’s stock has risen more and more since his F1 career. His performance rivalling Senna was given even more kudos as Senna achieved his greatness and similarly his stint as a teammate to Schumacher at Benetton has been hailed by Flavio Briatore as the closest driver to the seven time champion.

This film goes into detail about the British F3 season in which the two of them fought for almighty glory and is a brilliant watch.

There are so many key players in motorsport to this day involved in what many say is the greatest F3 season theres been.

Also take a shot whenever they call Eddie Jordan a “Wheeler Dealer”.

The film is avalable on Youtube, Google Play and ITunes.


Go Like Hell by A.J. Baime

“Sportscar races were as beautiful as they were dangerous, and none of them was more so than Le Mans”

The story of Ford vs Ferrari at Le Mans is an immortal motorsport story.

Even more so since the battle was portrayed on film in Le Mans 66/Ford v Ferrari with Christian Bale and Matt Damon as the key figures Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby respectively.

That was good enough to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, winning Oscars for best editing and best sound editing.

Minor inaccuracies aside Hollywood did a grand job, but to go even deeper into the story as accurately and intriguingly as possible, Baime’s book is required reading.

It goes into both sides of the story, the Ford perspective with the top brass pressure on Shelby and others.

And the Ferrari side, with Il Commendatore and his mythical perception playing heavily as well as his relationship with drivers including the infamous fallout with John Surtees that was not even mentioned in the film.

The book is excellent and can be bought on amazon for as little as £2.49 if you get the kindle app.

go like hell
Shelby (Matt Damon) at the 1965 Daytona 24h (but in a film though) © 20th Century Fox


Michael Schumacher – The Edge of Greatness by James Allen

“He left the greats like Senna, Prost and Fangio way behind and raised the bar to a point that no one had ever imagined possible.”

Michael Schumacher will always be box office.

James Allen’s book is the most detailed study of the driver that there is.

It goes into immense detail up until his first retirement from F1, which is when the book was written.

James Allen is known to many as the lead ITV commentator who, partnering with Martin Brundle, brought the 2000s such excitement in F1 commentary.

Alongside that he found time to write an excellent book that grips you about the qualities and career of still the greatest F1 driver ever statistically. But maybe not for long…

The page turner documents what made the man tick and how he managed to achieve such perfection in what he did allowing him to leap ahead of everyone else to achieve a greatness never seen before.

At his retirement he was 40 wins clear in the all time win list from Prost.

The controversy he garnered provides significant entertainment as well, be it colliding with Damon Hill or Jacques Villeneuve or blocking the track in Monaco, regardless of your opinions on these events, they were sensational and detailed study of these events is even more interesting.

The book is available on Amazon for the same as the Baime book, £2.49 e-book edition.

schumi edge of greatness
Michael Schumacher – The Edge of Greatness © James Allen/Headline Publishing Group