Scientific Committee and Legacy Programme Initiative unveiled for Extreme E series

In an eMasterclass hosted by Extreme E, they announced the members of the scientific committee who will advise organisers throughout the running of the series from 2021.

Extreme E is an off-roading series that will debut its first season in 2021, and will race around the world for 12 different teams. Their primary aim is to raise awareness of climate change that is taking shape and affecting locations such as the mountain glaciers in the Himalayas.

The committee will provide advice for the organisers on how to approach such elements as the event logistics, its impact, and also on the education and research programmes.

Extreme E – Scientific Committee
Head of Scientific Committee/Arctic Scientist Professor Peter Wadhams (The University of Cambridge)
Ocean Scientist Dr Lucy Woodall (The University of Oxford/Nekton Foundation)
Amazon Scientist Francisco Oliveira PhD (The University of Cambridge)
Desertification and Droughts Scientist  Professor Richard Washington (The University of Oxford/The University of Cape Town)

They will also fabricate the initiatives that will positively support the local communities at the race locations.

As founder and CEO of Extreme E, Alejandro Agag stated his thoughts: “The scientists we have enlisted are experts in their respective fields and will play an incredibly valuable role in supporting Extreme E’s goals, as well as ensuring that our legacy programmes are able to leave behind positive impact in the locations we’ll be racing.”

“As well as introducing the Scientific Committee, Extreme E also today confirmed support for its first legacy project supporting The Nature Conservancy.

“With more than 24 years of conservation work across the Amazon, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has a deep understanding of the major drivers of deforestation in the region as well as the opportunities for restoration and this initiative works directly with local farmers to protect and reforest the Amazon.”

Ian Thompson, Executive Director of TNC’s Brazil program added: “Based on experience, The Nature Conservancy expects the farmers supported by Extreme E to protect 200 hectares of coco-based agroforestry and native forest restoration, plus Extreme E´s contribution to the ongoing maintenance of existing forests, will pull tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

The series will kickstart in 2021 for Season 1 of Extreme E.

With six teams announced so far (Andretti being the most recent), there are six more teams to make up the 12 that will participate.

Further news will follow as the series sees its debut next year.