How WEC fans can stay occupied during lockdown

The recent COVID-19 developments have somewhat delayed the practical running of WEC events since the Lone Star Le Mans, but there are plenty of ways you can keep yourself busy.

In this article we look at what’s on offer.

The WEC Talk Podcast

With a few episodes in the bag so far, the official WEC podcast is a great chance for fans to gain an insight over the sport’s talking points.

You may be a dedicated fan, or just one who’s simply heard of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race – this podcast series is certainly for you.

The relatively-new podcast series is hosted by endurance racing commentator Martin Haven and allows the fans to hear the notions coming from iconic figures in the WEC/endurance racing world.

Exclusive interviews range from drivers to team members and management figures, and other legendary members.

Outgoing episodes have gone from Nyck De Vries’ impressions of driving the Toyota TS050 Hybrid LMP1, to WEC CEO Gérard Neveu’s thoughts on the revised Season 8 calendar and much more.

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The format of each episode brings a balance, with a mix of a driver and a key figure or team member.

In the usual fashion, these episodes are easy to listen in the way you want to. It may be that you’d just lie back on your bed listening to it through a pair of earphones, in the evening. Or perhaps you’d listen to it whilst doing the chores around the house; it’s a personal preference.

With three episodes out so far to listen to via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, CastBox, iHeart, Deezer and the official FIA WEC Youtube channel.

Race Replays and Reports

Out there on the Youtube channel, there are over a thousand hours of racing in the form of full-race broadcasts, (qualifying & practice) highlights and race reports dating back over the last five years.

Courtesy of how the broadcasting licensing works, FIA WEC release/premiere full-race replays after a week of the live event.

Therefore, there are many hours of racing and wheel-to-wheel action sitting out there for you to binge through. Furthermore, the joy of multi-class racing lets you see dozens of drivers battle amongst different categories meaning that you will never be short of action.

You’ll get to re-live iconic moments of the past whether it’s the heartbreak of Toyota’s Le Mans retirement in 2016 or perhaps the triumph of the Ford GTE-Pro squad in 2017, as they asserted their dominance against Ferrari (and others) like they did over 50 years ago.

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As fans, you will get to follow iconic names in the championship (past or present) like Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Giancarlo Fisichella and many more.

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The official World Endurance Championship app launched three years ago is available on the App Store and Google Play Store; you can access highlights, live-timing (during the races), videos and even more exclusive content via purchasing the Premium Packs.

The race reports, replays and highlights are available via the Youtube channel on

Speaking of Ford vs Ferrari

Whilst it’s not going to be at the cinema, it doesn’t mean that you would not enjoy the Ford vs Ferrari/ Le Mans ’66 movie any less.

This Hollywood blockbuster re-visualises the action and drama that became the fierce rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, and re-creates the drama and danger that endurance racing (and motorsport in general) was in that era.

Shelby (Matt Damon) at the 1965 Daytona 24h (but in a film though) © 20th Century Fox

As discussed by fellow Last Lap writer Freddie Coates in his ‘How to get your motorsport fix‘ article, this movie is one not to miss whether you’re a motorsport fanatic or just here for the drama.

It is accessible for digital purchase/streaming on Amazon, and rental on other digital platforms like Netflix and Redbox. It is also available for purchase on DVD since February 11.

WEC’s Feeder Series’

Just as if you’d be kept busy enough with the footage of the FIA World Endurance Championship, you should check out such feeder series’ as the Michelin Le Mans Cup (featuring only GT and LMP3 cars), the European Le Mans Series (LMP2, LMP3 and LM-GTE), and the Asian Le Mans Series (LMP2, LMP2-Am, LMP3, and GT/GT-Am).

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You can watch their live broadcasting of the races via media such as Youtube, but can watch many hours of racing at iconic tracks like Sepang, Shanghai, The Bend and more.

Just like WEC, you’ll witness the action and excitement of multi-class racing although drivers and teams are working together to fight for invitations at the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as seats in WEC or other endurance championships.

The Le Mans Documentary Films

Having premiered over the last weeks, ACO’s 2018 and 2019 Le Mans films (documentaries) give an extended insight to the stories and immerse audiences into the narratives that unravel before, throughout and after the main event.

You are given exclusive access to the perspectives of drivers, team members and others throughout what is a challenging and historic endurance race.

You also gain an understanding into the scale and operations into hosting such a grand event whilst in the absolute interests of safety and the spectators.

In 2018, fans were presented the relief that is Toyota finally winning Le Mans after 5 close-calls; the most recent were the 2016 and 2017 races (one of which ended at a more significant heartbreak for the team).

Sébastien Buemi of the #8 TGR LMP1 shares his thoughts as he saw the #7 car slow down on the broadcast, whilst in the hospitality area – Image Credit: © ACO, 24 Heures du Mans via Youtube.

There was also the story that Fernando Alonso finally achieved the second stage of his triple-crown pursuit, and was on the top step of a podium since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix (last podium finish was Hungarian GP 2014); it was a relief for some of his fans to see him in a competent car and winning.

The 2019 edition cemented a double-redemption for the LMP1 Toyota GAZOO Racing team over the two recent near misses of victories at Le Mans. This also saw the last race for the Ford Chip Ganassi teams to race in LM-GTE Pro, and the end of the Ford GTE cars altogether in the GTE classes.

Do consider that the Le Mans documentaries are out for a limited period of time – as of three weeks since upload, the 2019 documentary is no longer on there; don’t hesitate to see the 90-minute Le Mans 2018 movie now on Youtube.

Porsche GT Endurance Documentary

Three weeks ago, Porsche released a 90-minute film entailing their efforts to compete in two of the most iconic endurance events – Le Mans 24 and the Nurburgring 24.

Porsche LM-GTE Pro cars at Le Mans 2019 – Image Credit: © Porsche AG

You can witness the behind-the scenes on how teams of both of these endurance events tackled the stresses.

At 108 class wins, Porsche cemented its position as the most successful manufacturer in the history of Le Mans.

To iterate, is available to watch on Youtube and from April 3 2020 on Amazon Prime (subscription required).