Preview: Round 5 of the Le Mans Esports Series

The penultimate round of the Le Mans Esports Series will be at Spa-Francorchamps this Saturday, where players will fight for victory in their Porsche 911 RSR GTEs.

The Pro Round 5 of the LMES Season 2 brings us not only one race nearer to the Super Final at Le Mans, but a vital point in which six teams will fight wheel-to-wheel to receive automatic invitations in this final.

A typical LMES race weekend involves two races (excluding the Le Mans Super Final): a 20 minute-long sprint, and an hour-long endurance race.

Image Credit: Le Mans Esports Series via Twitter

Amongst the lineups, they’ll pick a driver between them who will participate and can represent the team at each race; a different car is allocated at each weekend.

Read here for more details on the scheduling of the Le Mans Esports Series and more.

Le Mans Esports (Pro) Championship Standings – Prior to R5
Position Team No. of Points
1 Red Bull Racing Esports 186
2 Lazarus Racing 176
3 Total Perfomance Racing 162
4 Fast Racers Forza 122
5 RYZE Motorsport 74
6 Virtualdrivers by TX3 70
7 Solar Vision Racing 68
8 Pachura Motor Center E-Sports 45
9 Team Fordzilla 45
10 Alien Motorsport 36
11 Light Speed Esports 29
12 Jean Alesi Esports Academy 8
13 6
14 Team Highlands Racing 4
15 Legion of Racers 4
16 Rag1ng Dragon E-Sports 3

We look ahead of this thrilling race weekend.

Before going into the main pro event, it is worth mentioning that the Rivals (time trial) Qualifier for Le Mans is up on Forza Motorsport 7 until May 3. This will see the best and fastest players receive an invitation to the grand multi-class Le Mans event.

Spotters Guide for LMES Round 5 – Image Credit: Le Mans Esports Series via Twitter

This is a look ahead of the Pro races.

Red Bull Racing currently lead the standings at 186 points following their P2 finishes at the previous round (4) at a virtual Sebring International Raceway.

P2 finishes in both races at Round 4 (Pro) – Image Credit: Red Bull Racing Esports

Closely behind by 10 pts is the Lazarus Racing squad and previous race winners Total Performance Racing are a further 24 points behind Red Bull Racing at 162 points.

Solar Vision Racing sit P7 in the standings but are only two points behind P6, thus will be more than ready to fight for a Le Mans invitation.

“All eyes ahead to this weekend for the final round of the Le Mans Esports Pro Series!

“We currently sit P7 in the standings, but with 2 points separating us from P6 it’s still all to play for!

“We are feeling good with Michael Coyne (@MichaelRR97behind the wheel,” they say.

They will been keen to fall into the top-six (Pro) threshold and make it to the Super Final at Le Mans, which will involve over 20 hours of racing itself.

In a tweet, the Light Speed Esports team gave their thoughts ahead of race weekend: “Tomorrow (Saturday), we will take on the final challenge of Le Mans Esports, Spa-Francorchamps.”

“It’s been a tough season for us, not exactly ideal, but it’s been a learning experience for all of us through and through,” reflecting on a difficult season and their P11 position in the current championship standings.

With P5, P6 and P7 closely-packed in the championship standings, this race weekend will situate the end of Season 2 for some, but a delight to go to the Super Final at Le Mans for others.

Saturday’s Pro races will begin at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST and can also be viewed via the Le Mans Esports Series Facebook page, and the livestream on the official FIA WEC YouTube channel.