Former Fisker backer announces Formula E Team bid

Gianfranco Pizzuto has announced plans to enter an Italian FE team, under the name Scuderia E, to the grid as of 2022.

Pizzuto, who used invested in the shortlived Fisker EV enterprise, which declared bankruptcy in 2014 after producing the Karma, announced his plans on LinkedIn.

Alongside was a render of a Formula E livery which Autosport has reported was lifted from Motorsport Network website Motor 1 as a fantasy livery if Bentley were to ever enter Formula E.

Pizzuto said in his post: “Massimiliano Zocchi [EV Specialist] literally “provoked” me the other day: “why don’t you start a Formula-E Team”, he said, probably knowing that I’m crazy enough to do it.

“I had to think about it for a couple of days before I’ve contacted another “crazy electric” guy, Mark Lander [Imecar Elektronik] and told him about. His answer was: “crazy idea but I like it” and therefore we go for it!

“Today we are officially starting our Formula-E project with the aim of participating to the 2021 or 2022 season, depending on how quick we can fund it.”

Autosport also reported that despite the mockup of the Bentley being used with Pirelli tyres from a Continental GT and a flying B on the nose, the car company has no links with the outfit.

It currently appears as only an idea but the announcement on LinkedIn shows Pizzuto and co mean business.

The end of the post calls for anyone who wishes to help with the programme to contact Pizutto.