24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual: Pagenaud faces trouble as server issue causes red flag

Team Redline powered into the lead within the first hour, Pagenaud faced a technical issue and an extended red flag period mixed the strategies up ahead of sixth hour.

Lando Norris continued the efforts of Team Redline to maintain a sub-21 second gap to 2 Seas Motorsport’s Devin Braune.

The pair battled closely in terms of lap time, with the gap having reduced over the first hour.

Throughout the two hours, the #4 Rebellion Williams and #Toyota GAZOO Racing ARG battled for positions; firstly for fifth and later for sixth.

Reigning Indy 500 winner Simon Pagenaud faced a tyre/technical issue on Lap 70 which affected his rig. The following webcam footage had him swap sim/wheel rigs.

Nine laps later, a Full Course Yellow was enforced which then transformed to a Red Flag due to server technical issues.

This took place during the pitstop threshold for most competitors.

The teams who did not pit before the red flag/server reset gained benefits such as a full reset of any outstanding damage, a full tank of fuel, and fresh tyres at no cost of a time-consuming pitstop.

Team Redline were at a disadvantage when 2 Seas Motorsport fought closely but did not have to pit (due to the red flag).

In the GTE, former Le Mans champion Andre Lotterer jumped into the #91 Porsche and battled hard with the sister #92 car for P7.

Both #63 and #64 Corvettes benefited from the red flag period having started in P2 and P4 at the safety car restart.

The R8G (Grosjean) Esports car brought on a charge against the leading Porsches.

Le Mans 24H Virtual – 6 HOURS INTO THE RACE
Position Team Gap
1 #33 2 Seas Motorsport
2 #20 Team Redline + 2.398
3 #4 ByKolles-Burst Esport + 3.451
4 #16 Veloce Esports 2 + 10.533
5 #13 Rebellion Williams Esports + 14.519
6 #10 Toyota GAZOO Racing ARG + 15.477
7 #31 Panis Racing Triple A + 22.257
8 #24 Veloce Esports 1 + 24.293
9 #7 Toyota GAZOO Racing + 24.983
10 #1 Rebellion Williams Esports + 28.365
1 #93 Porsche Esports Team
2 #80 R8G Esports Team + 2.177
3 #92 Porsche Esports Team + 4.679