24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual Hour 22. Rebellion Williams still lead but don’t count out ByKolles

The fight at the front has been rejuvenated by the red flag!

The No.04 ByKolles comeback has been going nicely. At the start of the 21st hour, Jesper Pedersen closed up to and overtook Mark Gassner in the No.13 Rebellion Williams.

The pace that followed from ByKolles and their next target, the No.01 Rebellion Williams, was very strong for both teams.

At times it looked like the ByKolles was closing only for the No.01 to respond. It could all depend on whoever drives for the final stint.

But late on in the hour, ByKolles swapped Pedersen for Jernej Simoncic and since then the No.13 with Gassner closed back and managed to slip back past for second. Since then they’ve been nose to tail.

The red flag also closed up the mighty lead that the Porsche No.93 had over the rest of the GTE field.

Their only challenger, the No.80 R8G Esports Corvette had about 3 minutes cut from the gap during the red flag.

But a fierce fight between the No.71 Ferrari and the No.57 Porsche didn’t help when the Ferrari squeezed the Porsche and the Corvette which was trying to lap these two was an innocent bystander and had to pit for repairs. They still hold second but have lost about 2 minutes.

The red flag allowed the No.20 Team Redline to return to the race!

Atze Kerkohf took the wheel to return. He’s about 17 laps down but they’re allowed to finish the race! He showed his pace unlapping himself in the middle of the fight for second between the ByKolles and the Rebellion Williams.

The No.10 Toyota and No.94 Porsche are still retired because their own issues forced the retirement, not like the platform issues that hampered Redline and the No.14 Alonso and Barrichello car right at the start of the race.

Position Team Gap
1 #1 Rebellion Williams Esports 337 Laps
2 #13 Rebellion Williams Esports 33.490
3 #04 ByKolles 34.860
4 #31 Panis Racing Triple A 1 Lap
5 #3 Rebellion Williams Esports 1 Lap
6 #24 Veloce Esports 1 Lap
7 #33 2 Seas Motorsport 1 Lap
8 #30 E-Team WRT 1 Lap
9 #17 IDEC Sport 2 Laps
10 #23 Team Rocket Zansho 2 Laps
1 #93 Porsche Esports Team 306 Laps
2 #80 R8G Esports Team 3m19.172s
3 #92 Porsche Esports Team 1 Lap