24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual: JOTA Team Redline retire as Rebellion still lead overall

In the early hours of the morning, the remaining competitors await the final push in the day stints.

The positions throughout the field have still maintained.

It stands clear that the sim-racers are in better preparation to perform at their best during the night stints, where mental fatigue is a major factor for the drivers.

Simple mistakes such as missing braking and corner-entry points could be caused, but many of the drivers kept their pace.

ByKolles in the #4 continued to worry the front running Rebellions as they ran in P3, but have been engaged in a different pit strategy.

A number of spins took place, such as Sacha Fenestraz for #18 Veloce Esports 3 and contact with the wall led to a quick visit to the pitlane for repairs.

The #21 Axle Motorsport Malaysian LMP entry lost the rear end at the Porsche curves, also missed a rear wing.

Felix Rosenqvist of the #38 JOTA Team Redline faced a network/connectivity issue having temporarily disconnected.

Although he recovered quickly, the car fell down to P15 and over four minutes behind Eamonn Murphy in the #16 Veloce Esports 2.

A battle broke out in GTE between the #91 and #92 Porsches for P3, eventually building a gap of 20 seconds.

Also in GTE, FEED Racing in their Corvette battled hard for P10 (class position) against the AF Corse #71.

Robert Wickens has been facing wheel (force feedback) issues with his rig, thus imposing a couple of mistakes due to the supposed discomfort of a 100 percent force feedback.

Nico Lapierre of the #42 Cool Racing faced possible retirement after running out of fuel in the pitlane, despite his efforts to perform through the night.

He was pushed by Andre Negrão in the #36 Signatech Alphine Elf into his box and was able to perform a pitstop; a form of sportsmanship between them.

Le Mans 24H Virtual – 16 HOURS INTO THE RACE
Position Team Gap
1 #1 Rebellion Williams Esports
2 #13 Rebellion Williams Esports + 45.020
3 #4 ByKolles Burst Esports + 1:02.820
4 #3 Rebellion Williams Esports + 2:44.385
5 #33 2 Seas Motorsport + 2.49.433
6 #24 Veloce Esports 1 1 Lap
7 #31 Panis Racing Triple A +  47.617
8 #46 TDS E Racing Motul + 50.883
9 #23 Team Rocket Zansho + 2:57.869
10 #7 Toyota GAZOO Racing + 3:01.825
1 #93 Porsche Esports Team
2 #80 R8G Esports Team + 1 Lap
3 #92 Porsche Esports Team + 20.739