24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual: Rebellion Williams consolidate lead with 1-2 at half distance

The No. 01 had a lead of over a minute at half distance after dominating the early hours.

At the hands of Raffaele Marciello and Louis Deletraz, the No. 01 pulled out a lead being at times over 2 seconds a lap faster than the rival No. 33 2 Seas Motorsport.

Abdulla Al-Khalifa was much slower than the cars around him and Deletraz was consistently 2 seconds a lap faster, pulling out a mega lead of nearly a minute, the largest so far.

The ByKolles No.4 was strategically out of sync with the Rebellion WIlliams and the 2 Seas but has been flying.

Pedersen was at the wheel and was closing rapidly on Deletraz in the late stage of 11th hour before pitting.

The ByKolles came out in third, being passed by the No. 13 Rebellion Williams and overcutting the No. 33 2 Seas Motorsport.

The No. 20 Team Redline which had been fighting for the lead earlier on officially retired after a bug for Atze Kerkhof meant that AI took control of the car.

They had put on a very good show and agonisingly just before they were forced out, Kerkhof set the fastest lap of the race going a good 2 seconds a lap faster than the rest of the field.

They became the first official retirement of the race.

The status quo has been held in the GTE class with the No. 93 Porsche leading by nearly 2 minutes with a net 1-2-3 but the No.80 Corvette of R8G was getting mixed in.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers sponsored Gulf Racing No. 86 had a server issue and stopped on the pit straight. They were able to get back going again.

Position Team Gap
1 #1 Rebellion Williams Esports 187 Laps
2 #13 Rebellion Williams Esports 1m09.301
3 #04 ByKolles 1m39.148
4 #33 2 Seas Motorsport 1m58.869
5 #3 Rebellion Williams Esports 1m59.202
6 #37 Jota Team Redline 2m25.586
7 #24 Veloce Esports 2m27.950
8 #31 Panis Racing Triple A 3m08.649
9 #38 Jota Team Redline 1L
10 #10 Toyota 16.121
1 #93 Porsche Esports Team 172 Laps
2 #80 R8G Esports Team 3m06.581
3 #92 Porsche Esports Team 3m15.212