Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual: Rebellion Williams leads, Red Flag promotes #04 ByKolles

After 20 hours of racing, the #01 Rebellion Williams still retains the lead of the race, but a red flag has promoted the #04 ByKolles to second, ahead of the #13 Rebellion.

At the 18 hour mark, Rebellion Williams had a comfortable 1-2 with the #13 car holding a one and a half minute lead over the ByKolles, but the #04 car slowly ate in to the gap and was gifted a big chunk of time when the #01 Rebellion received a drive-through penalty for breach of track limits.

The top three remained the same until 19 and a half hours in to the race when Aitken pitted for his scheduled stop. That promoted Pederson, in the #04 car up to second, as the two cars were out of sequence with each other for the stops, but a few minutes later a red flag was issued putting halt to the race.

The red flag rules means that fuel and tyre wear for all cars will be reset, meaning Pederson no longer has a need to pit imminently, and so he has a 30 lead over the #13 Rebellion of Aitken who lies in third.

The #33 2 Seas Motorposrt car is running in fourth, a further 2m44s behind Aitken while the #31 Panis Racing Triple A has slowly made its way up into fifth position.

There is a strong battle for sixth place between the #3 Rebellion Williams of Arthur Rougier and the #24 Veloce Esports of Pierre Gasly.

The two have been battling for a while but Rougier currently has a 2.2s lead over the Veloce Oreca.

Other than the late red flag drama, the last two hours had been relatively quiet. The only other major incident was caused by the #37 Jota Team Redline of Will Stevens, who crashed into the #86 Gulf Racing Porsche, after a momentary lapse in concentration.

The GTE class remains largely unaffected by the red flag and the #93 Porsche still leads, having increased the gap to the #80 R8G Esports Team car to three minutes, while the #92 Porsche sits a further 2 minutes behind the Corvette in third.


Le Mans 24H Virtual – 20 HOURS INTO THE RACE
Position Team Gap
1 #1 Rebellion Williams Esports     310 Laps
2 #4 ByKolles Burst Esport     +1m34.212
3 #13 Rebellion Williams Esports     +2m05.469
4 #33 2 Seas Motorsport     +4m11.684
5 #31 Panis Racing Triple A     +1 Lap
6 #3 Rebellion Williams Esports     +1 Lap
7 #24 Veloce Esports 1     +1 Lap
8 #30 E-Team WRT     +1 Lap
9 #46 TDS E Racing Motul     +2 Laps
10 #23 Team Rocket Zansho     +2 Laps
1 #93 Porsche Esports Team     283 Laps
2 #80 R8G Esports Tea     +3m00.172s
3 #92 Porsche Esports Team     +1 Lap