Mercedes still understanding DAS- Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has said that Mercedes are still understanding the new DAS system, which has meant its use has been limited so far.

DAS has come under scrutiny since Mercedes introduced the innovative system at pre-season testing, with the drivers pulling the steering wheel towards them as well as pushing it away in order to change the toe angle of the car.

Red Bull issued a protest at the Austrian Grand Pix, but the FIA stewards rejected it straight away, confirming the system is entirely legal.

But, while Hamilton has confirmed that he does not a difference when using DAS, and that it does provide an advantage, he explained that the Brackley-based team are still trying to understand it and this has limited its use.

Speaking in Saturday’s FIA press conference after qualifying, the six-time world champion said: “It’s something you can feel, the adjustments that you are able to make, you do feel it.

“I think it’s obviously proven to be fully legal and it’s something that we’re proud of and we are still trying to get on top of it in terms of understanding it so it’s not been used a massive amount but we will, I think, understand it more and more as we go through it.”

Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas also stated that the amount of advantage it gives the team will depend on the nature of the track, and the conditions, but that he is now getting used to it, and the movement on the steering wheel is beginning to feel more natural.

“I think there’s still probably more potential in depending tracks and conditions but yes, we have been using it and it’s becoming quite natural too.” added the pole-sitter for this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix.

“Obviously it’s not a massive thing in terms of performance but every small thing helps and when we put lots of small things together it can be big.”