McLaren to test new upgrades at Silverstone

McLaren will test new upgrades at the British Grand Prix this weekend, as the team aims to continue their strong start to the Formula 1 season.

The Woking-based team has had their strongest start to a season in the hybrid era, sitting third in the constructors’ standings with 41 points, but with rivals Racing Point just behind with 40 points, they are keen to keep up the momentum.

The data obtained from the opening three races confirms that the development of the car is correlating with what McLaren expected from pre-season testing, and as such, this has given them the confidence to push on and introduce new parts for their home Grand Prix this weekend.

Speaking ahead of the British Grand Prix in McLaren’s preview statement, Technical Director James Key said: “We have come away from the first triple-header recognising similar strengths and weaknesses in the car from those we saw back at testing in Barcelona.

“This is good because it allows us to keep our priorities for development consistent with what we had previously planned.

“The British Grand Prix will see a continued evolution of the MCL35 with some developments that will be tested over the coming race weekend.

“We’ve got a unique challenge in balancing upgrades for this year while ensuring our 2021 car is moving ahead in parallel, as the only team to be changing engine partners between 2020 and 2021, our design work and planning for next year is more critical than for others.”

Key added that McLaren will also be looking to implement additional performance upgrades at the following race at Silverstone, in addition to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona that takes place in August.

“Looking ahead to the second grand prix at Silverstone and to Spain, we’ll have further test items to add to the car to provide new insight into potential development opportunities for the future.

“It’s quite an intensive period at the moment and there has been some great work, by the design and production teams in particular, to push all these items through in a relatively short space of time after coming back from the shutdown and furlough periods.”