Formula E one of the best opportunities you can have – Rast

DTM champion René Rast was the big winner from Formula E’s big Esports controversy and he is looking forward to getting underway in Formula E .

Fresh off the back of a win in DTM at Spa, Rast is getting ready for his debut with Audi and he feels more prepared than his first Formula E outing in Season 2 with Aguri.

“I feel definitely more prepared than my first ever Formula E race when I basically jumped into the simulator once and had never driven the car before and then straight into the practice!” said Rast, who is speaking from a DTM test day.

“Now at least I got a lot of simulator sessions, a bit of testing as well, so much more prepared.

“Formula E is a different animal to the racing I have done before, I still need to learn a lot, especially when it comes to the racing, to energy management but we did what we could and I’m prepared as well as I could be.

“Now it’s time to go on a racetrack and see where I am.”

Rast only got the call up for the second half of the season midway through lockdown when Daniel Abt was sacked for using a stand in in the Formula E Race at Home challenge, although Abt has returned to race for NIO.

DTM Spa 2020
René Rast wins in Spa for Audi © Audi Sport

Rast hopes he has equipped himself well as he enters the marathon start to his Audi FE career.

Racing six times over nine days is new to all the drivers but for Rast it offers a unique chance.

“Its a very big task, you only have limited time to learn.” he said.

“There is not much time for any meetings, you need to prepare for the next day already!

“But on the other hand it’s one of the best opportunities you can have in Formula E to learn as quickly as you can.

“Normally you have a few weeks time between the race, but now I have six races in nine days.

“It couldn’t be any better for someone like me to join and get up to speed as quick as possible.”

Each race presents a new chance for Rast to improve, with the feel for the car growing every day and with a champion team-mate alongside, his ability will be laid bare.

“For me most important was to learn to be as close to Lucas as possible because he’s the driver with the most experience, the most success and also one of the best racing drivers in terms of anything I’ve ever met.

“He is a good benchmark. I have a good teacher in him.

“He’s also someone who is very open and has a lot of good feedback so that’s helping me and I hope at one point, once I’m sorted with everything, that I can also provide good feedback to the team.

“I’m still on a learning curve and once this is done and I feel whole. we can improve even more.”

Rast, along with DTM teammates Robin Frijns and Nico Mueller is racing in DTM immediately after the Formula E season ends so August is a packed month for him.

“After Formula E, it’s a tough programme, instead of having one kid, its like having three kids!

“It’s triple the work it feels like.

“Double the emails you get, two or three times the people you have to talk to because you have two programmes.

“You need to organise yourself pretty well to not forget any media or racing appointments.

“So its a lot of work and hopefully I can manage and if I need any help hopefully Nico (Mueller) and Robin (Frijns) are open to give any advice.

“Physically its something very new, I’ve never done so many races in such a small amount of time so I hope I’m physically prepared.

“At least I did everything so I am ready. If I am ready, we will see.”

The first of the six races gets underway on Wednesday to close out the Formula E season.