Hamilton: This isn’t the title fight I wanted

Reigning Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has said this year’s title fight is not the one he wanted, with the British driver holding a 30 point lead.

Hamilton managed to hold on with a punctured tyre on the final lap of the race to win the British Grand Prix last weekend, but his team-mate and closest title rival Valtteri Bottas ended up finishing outside the points after also suffering a tyre failure three laps from the end.

So far this season, Bottas is the only driver who has been able to challenge Hamilton for race wins, with both Red Bull and Ferrari having difficult starts to the season.

Red Bull appear to be more capable of challenging Mercedes than Ferrari, who are a long way off the pace, but even then, Mercedes are still around half a second faster than the Milton Keynes-based team at this stage of the season.

Due to the difference in pace between Mercedes and the rest of the field, it has led to Red Bull and Ferrari to state that they feel it will be unlikely they will be able to mount a full title challenge until the regulations change in 2021.

With a 30 point advantage after only four races, Hamilton is in total control of the championship, but the six-time world champion said after Sunday’s race that he hoped it would have been a closer fight.

“I’ve grown up, particularly when you’re in karting, you’ve got the wheel-to-wheel racing, that’s what has always excited me, and that’s what gets me up in the morning.” commented Hamilton.

“I definitely… this is not the championship fight I would have hoped for.

“I’d much, much prefer to be having a super-close battle with these two here because that’s what gets me going.

“Having to really put in… I think I’m still putting in the laps that are required but it’s not a close battle with Max in qualifying and the same with Charles.

“I really, really hope that in future it’s closer.”

Although Hamilton wants multiple drivers battling it out for the championship win, he believes that it is all down to the regulations and that he is hoping the future cars will allow the drivers to race wheel-to-wheel in the future.

“Ultimately every team is given rules and at the end of the day we’ve just done an exceptional job collectively and you can’t fault my team for that.

“That’s not our fault. You have to look at the people that run the sport doing a better job moving forwards, I would say, ruling-wise.

“I think they’re showing some signs… I think Ross is showing us a car for the future that’s going to have us all closer.

“Hopefully it’s not as slow as a GP2 car, and then hopefully we’ll get some more-like karting races in the future.”