Albon: This weekend will be “more of a strategy race”

Alex Albon believes this weekend’s 70th Anniversary Formula 1 Grand Prix will be “more of a strategy race” compared to last week.

All teams opted for a one stop strategy in last weekend’s race at the British Grand Prix, but Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton all suffered tyre failures in the closing stages of the race.

Pirelli has undertaken an investigation in relation to the failures and confirmed that excessive wear was the reason for these failures.

This weekend Pirelli is providing a softer compound range and as a result of the failures, are mandating higher tyre pressures in order to avoid failures, but in light of last weekend’s events, it is inevitable that the second race at Silverstone this week will be a two-stop race.

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With a two stop strategy brining in to play a number of options for teams and drivers, Albon believes it will be a tough race to execute the perfect tactics.

“Tyres are definitely a talking point as what happens now we’re coming into week two is we have a softer compound on all three tyres so the hard tyre no longer exists and the medium compound becomes the hardest for the weekend.” commented Albon.

“So I’m sure we’re all going to have to play around with strategy.

“It’s going to be tough actually and it’s going to be a lot more of a strategy race this weekend.

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“If the change in compound suits us or not, I’m not sure but I think possibly yes because we’re pretty good on our tyres we’re one of the few teams not to struggle with any issues like that.”

The Red Bull RB16 appears to be less demanding of its tyres compared to some of its rivals, which should help the team in Sunday’s race, but Albon acknowledges that he needs to have a better Saturday, after failing to reach Q3 in the last two Grands Prix, but that the higher weather temperatures that are expected could help the team.

“We’re good on our tyres and Honda are good at dealing with heat and PU cooling so I think coming into Sunday we’ll have a strong package.

“I think we just need to work a bit more on our Saturdays and then we know we can have a good one this weekend.

“Still, we’ll need to focus on ourselves and work on the areas we need to improve.

“Obviously with the temperatures set to be higher this weekend, Mercedes should come towards us and if we can go towards them hopefully we’ll meet half way.”