Perez to return for Spanish GP, feels in “great shape

Sergio Perez will return to Formula 1 action this weekend for Racing Point after testing negative for COVID-19.

Perez missed the last two Grands Prix at Silverstone due to two positive COVID-19 tests, with his former Force India team-mate Nico Hulkenberg filling in for him for the two events that Perez had to miss.

But, on Thursday the 30-year-old tested negative for COVID-19 on Thursday, meaning he can now return to the paddock and take part in the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Although the Mexican didn’t feel to unwell during his self-isolating period, he still thinks his fitness could have suffered slightly although he believes the physical demands of driving an F1 car around the Catalunya circuit will not pose a huge challenge.

Speaking about his return to Grand Prix racing, Perez said: “The main thing is that I’m healthy and I’m able to be back racing, which is great.

“I expect the physicality of racing the car could be a challenge.

“I’m curious to see how I feel back in the car, and that will be the biggest thing. I’m not expecting big challenges, to be honest – I’m in great shape.”

Perez spent his self-isolation time confined in an apartment in Milton Keynes and he admitted that he found it hard watching the races on TV, especially because Racing Point were so competitive, with Hulkenberg lining up third on the grid for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

“I missed Formula 1 so much. The absence felt like ages, and it was very hard to watch the races on TV.” he added.

“I was always very frustrated at being sat on a sofa and seeing my pink car doing so well!

“I’m looking forward to jumping back into the car and trying to make up for lost points while I was away.”