Albon had no grip on any compound in Barcelona

Alex Albon had no grip no matter what tyre compound he used in the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Red Bull Racing driver started the race from sixth on the grid, but fell down the order slightly after having to back out of a move in Turn 1 on the opening lap.

He was then stuck behind the Racing Points for the opening stint, and pitted early with Red Bull putting him on to the hard tyre, but the strategy didn’t work out and the 24-year-old found himself stuck in traffic.

Albon then pitted again later in the Grand Prix, but by that time his race was ruined and he crossed the line down in eighth.

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Speaking about his race, Albon said: “It was a hard afternoon and I’m not happy with my race.

“It was really tricky out there and I just didn’t have any grip on any tyre compound.

“Each stint I was nursing and looking after the tyres but after six or seven laps I just had no grip.

“It was frustrating and the opposite to Silverstone last week.

“No matter what we did we just really struggled to keep the tyres alive.”

Albon added that this is the first time he has had such a severe issue with the tyres this season and that the team needs to conduct further investigations to establish why he suffered so much.

“It hasn’t been an issue this year so we’ll need to look at the data and see the reasons behind it because at the moment we just have question marks.

“I was struggling in sector three mostly, I couldn’t stay close enough to cars ahead so I couldn’t overtake and I was kind of a sitting duck.”

Albon’s boss, Christian Horner also added that Albon had a good start, but got unfortunate with Bottas getting out of shape, but that the degredation was a big issue.

“He made a good start but got boxed in at the first corner behind Valtteri and he then seemed to struggle with degradation on all tyre compounds.” said Horner.

“P8 was the outcome of that and now we’ll need to go through all the information from the race to try and understand what created that degradation on the three compounds of tyre.”