Albon expecting Belgian Grand Prix to be a challenge

Alex Albon expects the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix to be a challenge, with the high speed Spa-Franchorchamps circuit more suited to Mercedes.

This weekend will be the first time Albon will race on a circuit where he has prior experience with Red Bull, having made his debut for the Milton Keynes-based squad at last year’s Belgian Grand Prix.

The Thai driver has come under pressure in recent races, after a few difficult weekends, but he believes having had prior experience of the circuit with Red Bull, he will be able to daw direct comparisons to his performance last year and that should help him get back on form.

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“I’m looking forward to this weekend, I can take what I learned from last year’s race and apply it to this one so there’s a bit of experience that I can take with me which is nice.” commented Albon.

“We already had ideas last year and I remember how the car felt – of course it’s a different car this year but it’s still got similar traits so it’ll be good to compare and see what we can do.

“As we’ve seen this season, we’ve had some really good races and Spa is good for overtaking so I’m excited to hit the track and get going.”

But although Albon is expecting it to be easier for him to get his Red Bull RB16 setup, he acknowledges that the weekend will be a challenge with the high speed nature of the circuit more suited to Mercedes, although he hopes the form at Silverstone is an indicator that momentum could swing Red Bull’s way on race day.

“The ban on qualifying modes has been moved back to Monza, so let’s see how that plays out.” he added.

“I don’t expect this weekend will be easy as Spa is pretty straight-line dependent and Mercedes are very strong power-wise.

“That being said, in Silverstone we didn’t expect much and we were flying there so let’s see!

“It’s not always clear where the advantage lies at each circuit with temperatures, tyres, etc but I really enjoy Spa, it’s a nice track that I don’t think has suited us that well in the past, but we’ve seen this season is full of surprises so let’s get out there and see where everyone stacks up.”