Seidl understands Sainz’s disappointment about Spa DNS, but team has strong reliability

McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl understands Carlos Sainz’s disappointment at missing out on points at Spa, but believes the team has strong reliability.

Sainz was unable to start the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix last time out after a sensor failure caused an issue with the Renault power unit in his McLaren.

The Spaniard has since expressed his disappointment about the issue and highlighted concerns about the car’s reliability, but while Seidl understands Sainz’s disappointment he believes that the McLaren’s reliability is strong, with the team only having one retirement this year.

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Speaking in Friday’s FIA press conference, Seidl said: “First of all, I fully understand that he’s disappointed that he lost out on many points this year so far but we share this disappointment because we lost the points as well for the team.

“And in the end it’s always important to simply stay to the facts and look into the details of what actually happened.

“I think in terms of reliability, the issue was actually only the last race where he couldn’t even start the race and lost out on many points after an engine issue, but then we had other topics as well.

“We had the tyre failure in Silverstone where he lost a lot of points, but also on the team side, not everything went to plan.

“We lost out on some points with issues we had at the pitstops early in the season and that’s obviously something to look into.”

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Seidl added that it is important that the facts are analysed in detail so they can be avoided in the future and that he believes they can still achieve a lot of strong results as the season progresses.

“As always, as I said, it’s important to stick to the facts, analyse in detail what happened and make sure.” he said.

“And it doesn’t matter who was at fault to simply try to do better and avoid it.

“I’m sure that also with the way Carlos is approaching the situation within the team we will still have a lot of good results in front of us together with him until the end of the season.”