Extreme E announces new entrant: Hispano-Suiza XITE Energy Team

Hispano-Suiza returns to motorsport in 2021 by becoming the tenth team to enter the inaugural Extreme E season in 2021.

The team has been formed in association with XITE Energy drinks and has British driver Oliver Bennett teaming up with Italian-Canary driver Christine Giampaoli Zonca (GZ).

Hispano-Suiza is a legendary Spanish car manufacturer who won their first ever motorsport endeavour in 1921 and now a century later will return to motorsports in the forward thinking electric off road championship Extreme E.

The company are very keen on the sustainability push that Extreme E champions.

The HS Extreme E car that was unveiled in Spain today

Miguel Suqué Mateu, Chairman of Hispano-Suiza said “Hispano-Suiza has always integrated values such as sportsmanship and competition into its DNA: both of vital importance for this project.

“Being able to take our brand to the desert, the Polar Arctic Circle or the Amazon, and also do it in a competitive, sustainable way whilst taking care of our planet, is something magnificent that we will achieve in a competition as revolutionary as Extreme E.

“I wish to thank our partners and our technical team for their trust and our racing drivers, Oliver and Christine, since they are the ones who will allow us to continue fighting for victories and good results, just as we did 100 years ago.”

Oliver Bennett has fought for the title of the British Rallycross championship and has raced in the WRX Championship for the past few seasons.

Christine GZ has competed in the WRC and in various off road races with a seventh place finish at the infamous Baja 1000 in the Pro UTV Turbo category.

Alejandro Agag, CEO and Founder, Extreme E said: “I welcome the legendary Spanish brand Hispano-Suiza, founded in 1904 by the Suqué Mateu family, to the Extreme E Championship.

“True to its tradition and racing history, this time, it returns to motorsport looking to the future, to the electrification of mobility.

“I am convinced that the Hispano-Suiza team will honour the great tradition of their name, and will be a formidable competitor in our championship, the most remote sporting event on the planet”.

Extreme E begins in early 2021 with testing beginning next week for the teams.