Ferrari F1 newcomer Carlos Sainz Jr came straight from Maranello to visit his father, Carlos Sainz Sr, and the Acciona Sainz XE Team at the Extreme E Test at Aragon.

Both Sainz’s are investors in the team and Sainz Jr visited the group test to get his own taste of the emerging electric championship, Extreme E.

“I kind of expected my father to want to be involved in Extreme E and I saw him taking an interest, so we’ve been very busy the last three to four months with the project. It’s a whole new challenge and I see that they are working very hard to make the team as competitive as possible.

“The climate message behind Extreme E is really important as we need to make people more conscious of what’s going on in the world, while still producing a show and good racing.”

The Acciona Sainz XE car at the Aragon test © Extreme E

4 time Dakar winner and 2 time WRC champion Sainz Sr spoke about his first time in the  Extreme E ODYSSEY-21: “It was really interesting to get a first glimpse of Extreme E in this collective test. The car is unique and different to the rest in terms of power, suspensions, energy management. We worked on those and many more things, and I am already looking forward to the competition”.

Sainz Sr is partnered with Motorcycle trials champion Lana Sanz in their team: “Everything was new for me, but it was great fun adjusting myself to the Extreme E car. My previous experience in off-road racing will definitely come in handy and I have also a great teammate to make sure we are up there when the season begins”.

Albert Fabrega, Team Principal of the team was positive about what the team had achieved in the test: “Getting up to speed as a team was our main priority for this winter test, which has been a learning curve for all of us. We are satisfied with the lessons we have learnt in Alcaniz and now we can continue our preparation for the season with even more confidence”.

Yesterday Sainz Jr had his first day as a Ferrari employee being treated to a tour of Maranello from Mattia Binotto with a seat fit taking place so he can test a 2018 Ferrari car to get used to the Scuderia’s processes.

Extreme E kicks off in March 2021 with the desert round in Saudi Arabia with teams boarding the floating St Helena paddock in mid February.

Carlos Sainz Jr having a seat fit on his first day at his new F1 team, Ferrari © Scuderia Ferrari

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