All new electric off road racing series Extreme E is set to air on Sky Sports on a one year deal. 

Sky will broadcast the live racing action, highlights, previews, reviews and the series’ magazine show, which will give fans a more in-depth look into the championship and the people behind both the racing and the science.

Sky is the leading pay to view sports service in the UK with rights to cricket, football, rugby and, of course, Formula 1.

BBC Sport also has a deal for 2021 and beyond to broadcast Extreme E and there is no reason why this would no longer be the case for UK viewers.

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer for Extreme E said in a statement: “Sky Sports is one of the leading sports broadcasters in the world and I’m delighted it will show Extreme E. The UK and Ireland has a huge appetite for motorsport and with the help of Sky Sports, we will reach a massive audience through this partnership.

“But our collaboration is about a lot more than airing exciting racing, as we share a common mission around the environment, it is fantastic to see the great work Sky is doing around its business practices and investments to protect our planet. Through our shows we will highlight the climate crisis and what we as a championship is doing to help, and how everyone can make a difference.”

Sky is a leading company when it comes to environmental policy. They have a public aim of being carbon neutral from 2030 and have programmes such as Sky Ocean Rescue. Ocean Rescue aims to inspire people to make everyday changes to #PassOnPlastic. The broadcaster has invested £25 million in alternatives to plastic, removed 300 tonnes of plastic from the business, protected 400 kilometres squared of the ocean with WWF, and made 47.8 million people aware of the campaign.

Rob Webster, Sky Sports Managing Director said: “We are really pleased to add Extreme E to our portfolio of live sport. The series not only brings an exciting new racing circuit to the calendar of our motorsport fans, but also carries an important message around climate change. At Sky, we believe that our voice and reach can play a vital role in empowering our customers, partners and industry peers to build a better world.”

Extreme E has completed testing ahead of its first event in March in Saudi Arabia.

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