The General Motors Truck Company (GMC) has partnered with Chip Ganassi Racing’s Extreme E entry to run a Hummer inspired XE SUV. 

In a multi year sponsorship deal, the Chip Ganassi Racing 550hp electric SUV will feature a unique grille, graphics and bodywork which is inspired by the Hummer EV.

The Hummer EV is the world’s first all-electric supertruck and will be broadcast on the world stage in a whole new light in the most climate conscious motorsport on the planet, Extreme E.

Jim Campbell, General Motors US vice president, Performance and Motorsports said: “I can’t think of a better fit than showcasing the look of GMC’s HUMMER EV in Extreme E with Chip Ganassi Racing.

“Both GMC HUMMER EV and the Extreme E series are designed to be revolutionary – to challenge perceptions of electric vehicles and to showcase their true capability.”

Chip Ganassi, the team owner, said: “It’s truly an honor to represent GMC, especially during such an exciting time in auto racing.

“The new GMC HUMMER EV is going to be a game changer in terms of how the world views off-road EV capability, and we couldn’t be more proud to represent GMC in such an innovative new series.”

As part of the deal for the ODYSSEY-21 Extreme E electric SUV, teams could partner with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to create bespoke bodywork to promote their cars but none opted to do so at the test in December with all testing being done with the original chassis design.

Chip Ganassi Racing and GMC are the first to partner up in this way to promote a new way of thinking for Hummer.

Thought of as the gas-guzzling playthings of Vegas rather than planet savers, this is an opportunity for Hummer to completely reshape their identity in the automotive market.

CEO of Extreme E Alejandro Agag said: “We feel very proud to welcome GMC and its iconic GMC Hummer EV to the Extreme E family, as it joins forces with our Chip Ganassi Racing team, not only will Extreme E be a thrilling motorsport, it will also showcase the performance and benefits of electric vehicles.”

The Chip Ganassi Racing team will feature Kyle LeDuc and Sara Price as teammates during Season 1 of Extreme E which kicks off in Saudi Arabia in April.

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