Friendship pushes a team to work harder suggests Peugeot LMH driver Vergne

The two-time Formula E champion and Peugeot Le Mans Hypercar driver talked about the importance of friendship within an endurance team.

The 30-year-old Frenchman has made numerous sportscar appearances intertwined with his Formula E efforts, now entering LMH with Peugeot.

His most notable LMP2 commitments are with the G-Drive Racing team in the European Le Mans Series and the WEC.

“In Formula E, your teammate is – in a way – your first enemy; you need to beat your teammate,” he said at the Peugeot LMH presentation.

“In endurance racing, it’s completely different (compared to Formula E).

“This aspect of team spirit is something I’ve never experienced before coming into endurance, and it’s something that I love.

Mikkel Jensen, a G-Drive teammate has worked closely with Vergne on their sportscar endeavours since the Dane stepped up to LMP2 in 2020.

Vergne compliments Jensen who will join him at Peugeot in 2022:

“I was very surprised with his speed, coming from an LMP3 (winning the 2019 ELMS title with Eurointernational), it was straightaway extremely fast.

“The second thing that impressed me the most with him was that he was not cocky about it and how he was always coming to me for advice and he was a very good listener.

“I had a lot of fun with him and it is also very important outside the track that we can be friends – we have a lot of stories to say, we travel together…”

“At the end of the day, when you are racing, and you know when you are in tough moments, this friendship between drivers that we have in the team can be very important because it’s what pushes the team to work later, to work harder.”