Extreme E’s floating paddock, the St. Helena has set sail for Saudi Arabia for the first ever X-Prix.

After a two year extensive refurbishment process, the St. Helena, has set sail for the championship’s inaugural race weekend, which takes place on 3-4 April in Saudi Arabia.

The ship was launched in Liverpool by Extreme E Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag who sprayed a bottle champagne, which had been specially personalised for the occasion, over the ship’s hull to toast the start of her new journey.

The St. Helena © Extreme E

“Today I feel extremely proud. The departure of the St. Helena marks the start of her new voyage. Extreme E’s first season is now officially underway.” said Agag.

The ship has been under Extreme E’s stewardship for more than two years and during this time has undergone an extensive multi-million euro renovation process, including a comprehensive mechanical overhaul as well as a full refurbishment of the interior and a fancy new paintjob on the exterior.

Loading Rosberg Xtreme Racing’s ODYSSEY 21 © Extreme E

Agag continued: “This has been a massive project and she really is unrecognisable from when we purchased her back in 2018. She is unmistakably part of Extreme E with the exterior branding, and the internal refit looks incredible. One of my favourite features of the ship is the creation of a science laboratory, which replaces the original swimming pool, and I’m delighted that from Saudi Arabia we will have a variety of scientists on-board conducting oceanic research projects.

“I have always had a love for the ocean, which was inspired by documentaries featuring the French biologist, Jacques Cousteau. He made me dream because he had a boat, he had the Calypso, and my dream is that the St. Helena becomes the new Calypso of the 21st century.”

Agag celebrating on the ship © Extreme E

Over the past week, Extreme E teams have been loading their cars and team kit to the ship.

As well as team kit, the ship carries everything required to run the race when they get to each location. These include Air Shelta tents which will form the team garages, the podium, the start gantry, TV and broadcast equipment, three machines from 3devo to turn plastic waste into the championship’s trophies, two custom BRIG Eagle 8 carbon black support boats, a hydrogen fuel cell for zero-emission car charging created in collaboration with AFC Energy, plus a variety of Bosch tools.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the crew who have worked so hard on the St. Helena to prepare her for her new journey, and all the team at Cammell Laird port here in Liverpool – we wouldn’t be at this point without all their efforts.” finished Agag.

Another XE car is loaded to the St. Helena

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