Lucas Di Grassi is one of Formula E’s most successful drivers. 

He has won 10 races and finished in the top three in five of the six seasons as well as winning in Season 3.

Highs and lows seem to follow Di Grassi like a lost puppy. Be it losing the title after crashing in the final race weekend of Season 2 or be it taking the lead just metres from the line in Mexico in Season 5.

Formula E would be a strange place without Lucas and he is itching for it to come back.

“If you look at it closely, we only raced for one week in Formula E within a year.” he said.

“Of course, we were testing, but that’s not the same, because it lacks all of the routine of preparing for a race day, the tension and the adrenaline. So it’s high time for all of that to come back.”

Lucas di Grassi © Audi

Elite competition is what a racing driver craves, it’s like a drug for them. The competition is even greater in Formula E. It isn’t just the fans who are missing the racing.

“[I miss] the pressure, the adrenaline and the feeling of being at the limit with my race car. The feeling of walking to the podium after a successful race, preferably through a sea of fans, of course, as we hope to experience again soon.”

With his track record, Di Grassi can seriously consider a championship fight and can never be counted out.

As Formula E becomes a World Championship for the first time, there is an extra prize, to call yourself Formula E World Champion.

“This title gives Formula E even greater significance worldwide. For us drivers and teams, the pressure is just as high as before the beginning of every season.”

“The exciting question is: Will it be as close in Diriyah as it was during the testing in Valencia? What’s more, with two races in one weekend, there’s also the added excitement of racing in the dark.”

“Let’s see how well the track is lit in Diriyah. At Le Mans, for example, it’s pitch black at night. You can’t even see the apex of the corners. Hopefully that will be a bit different in Formula E, otherwise we might have to think about headlights on the cars after all.”

Now there is only a few days to go until Formula E definitely starts in Diriyah. All the personnel are quarantining in Saudi Arabia and excitement is greater than ever.

Di Grassi ran through everything a fan can expect from the return of the premier class of electric racing.

“Everything a motorsport fan’s heart desires, we can definitely promise: hard racing, close fights, many different winners and definitely an exciting battle for the first official world championship title right to the end.”

Formula E returns on Friday 26th February with the first race of the season under the lights in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The race is at 5pm GMT.

Audi e-tron FE07 #11, Lucas di Grassi © Audi

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