Red Bull have unveiled their 2021 car with the aim of challenging for the World Championship.

It’s near-identical to their car from last year, with the only major change being Honda taking a more prominent role in the design, in their last year in the sport.

The similarity was to be expected seeing as it is the first B spec car since Red Bull joined F1 rather than a new number.

That mirrors their prominence on the AlphaTauri livery, and is likely to fill the gap left by Aston Martin as they’re now a fully-fledged team.

Launched under the slogan ‘the same but different’, the designers seem to have put most of their eggs in the former basket. Bar the Honda decals there’s not much change, while due to the regulation continuity the engineers have been limited in how they can evolve the the car from last year.

It does have a new Honda power unit, the Japanese manufacturer had probably the second-worst effort last year while Red Bull will take over the project next year after Honda withdraw.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 24th February) the RB16B will take to the track for the first time, with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez thrashing it around Silverstone.

Alex Albon, reserve driver this year and also racing DTM, will also be there but won’t get his hands on the latest machine – he’ll be driving last year’s RB15.

He was replaced by Perez Abu Dhabi in December, the Mexican had been turfed out of Racing Point (now Aston Martin) by Sebastian Vettel but has likely landed on his feet in a better destination at Milton Keynes.

Max Verstappen won the final race of 2020 from pole position at Abu Dhabi and if much of the performance is carried over to 2021, it could be a memorable year for the championship winning team.

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