‘It is truly emotional to see her standing there’ – Glickenhaus on first 007 LMH

Jesse Glickenhaus, Managing Director of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, describes his thoughts after the first SCG 007 LMH was completed.

The American manufacturer will be debuting in the FIA World Endurance Championship in a little over a month’s time at the Autodromo do Algarve for the 8 Hours of Portimão.

Construction by Podium Advanced Technologies in Pont-Saint-Martin, Italy, is the first of two LMHs and has been captured at each phase via Glickenhaus’ social media pages.

“We are incredibly proud of the whole team. This has been a lifelong dream, and it is truly emotional to see her standing there, built, ready to test and race,” he says.

At the week beginning, the Pipo Moteurs’ 3.5L twin-turbo engine fired itself up and propelled the 007 LMH over its first small stretch of tarmac.

“We have pre-checked all systems to get as much out of the track time tomorrow (February 25th).”

Drivers Romain Dumas and Glickenhaus regular Franck Mailleux are set to drive the car.

“There is a difference between pre-checking systems in a workshop and testing them together on the track.

“For this very first shakedown test, we are checking all the systems together and starting to feel the car on the track in different scenarios.

“If there is a type of data to be generated, we are collecting it, studying it and learning from it.”

G&G supplier members who worked on the Glickenhaus – the rear wing complex of high yaw angles and longitudinal strakes towers behind them – Credit: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus via Twitter

He reflects on the obstacles of the build:

“There were some interesting challenges for our build that came from the global situation of COVID and Brexit’s impact on various suppliers. Parts that should have taken a day to ship took a week.

“But all our suppliers are top in the world, and everyone did a fantastic job to bring this project together.

“There was nothing unexpected in the build, and once we had all the parts in hand, the car is incredible quick to build.

“Once we have 100% of the parts for the second car we can build it in a few days or a week, depending how many shifts we want to run.”

The second track test for the 007 LMH will be on March 15-16th, later next month.