FE: Vergne loses podium after penalty, others also penalised

JeanEric Vergne was penalised after the race had finished for failing to serve his second Attack Mode during the race.

As a result of the final safety car turned red flag the race finished early and third place JEV was unable to take his second Attack Mode.

The move promotes his teammate and reigning champion to third place.

With the same penalty given to Nick Cassidy in the Virgin, Tom Blomqvist and René Rast for the same reason there have been a lot more position changes after the race.

The drivers were given a drive through converted to a time penalty which promoted lots of drivers into the points.

Because other drivers had taken a second attack mode it would be unfair for others to have not done so therefore penalties ensue.

Arguably a more simple procedure needs to be worked out in Force Majeure circumstances such as a red flag or a finish under safety car.

But Formula E wouldn’t be Formula E without post race penalties.