I’ve been looking forward to Formula E’s return for months. I’m a colossal fan of FE, a fan of the racing, a fan of the unpredictability, all the drama that you can get from the young yet ever growing and wonderful series that Formula E is.

In the run up to this week, I’ve been getting my Formula E fix by writing as much as I can about the upcoming season. (A 12 part season preview is definitely something that I should have considered the vastness of when I started it in December but here we are.)

I’ve awaited a return to a series that I have found to be so homely and lovely. I’ve not had so much to do with it but I always have felt connected to FE and I still hope to attend some races as press in the future.

To have this connection with the series is because of the personality it exudes, the humble go-getter that is achieving things motorsport fans could only dream of with manufacturers galore and competitiveness a plenty.

The characters included are the stars of the show. The drivers, the teams, the media, all are people I have grown to adore and they are a number I wish to be counted among if my career goes to plan.

That’s what made today really shake me.

When you know that there has been a crash but you don’t see why, any motorsport fans stomach flips over.

Those horrific minutes when we had no knowledge of Romain Grosjean after the fireball at Bahrain springs to mind.

We want to know good news and in the wait we fear the worst.

That was the tinge the Diriyah race tonight ended under for me.

The Alex Lynn and Mitch Evans crash was open for interpretation for a long time. Not until Mitch popped up in the pitlane to congratulate Sam Bird did I know he was thankfully ok.

But Mitch described an aeroplane crash and there was no word on Alex.

All we had was a red flag and an insinuation that something massive had happened.

Soon it became clear that Lynn had been flipped over somehow and was on his way to hospital, thankfully he was conscious and chatting. That was hugely welcome news considering that was when I had logged onto the FE Media site to access race imagery.

At the top was a picture of a flipped over Mahindra, still with a glowing halo. One photo was zoomed in on Lynn’s upside down helmet in the car whilst he was trapped underneath.

It was an answer but it was uncomfortable. It was clearly a mega incident and the hospital trip was necessary. The picture served more questions.

None of these were answered when a video started doing the rounds (that has since been shared by Motorsport.com) showing the runoff area after the crash.

It seemed uncomfortable to view and the traction it was gaining whilst a driver was on his way to hospital didn’t sit easy with me.

This was the second driver to go to hospital in one day. The first being Edo Mortara after practice, in the same barriers.

Fearing bad news for drivers I support and adore has not been enjoyable today.

I am beyond thankful that both Alex and Edo have left hospital and are sound and getting ready for Rome.

It was a very uncomfortable time that I really struggled with as a fan at home. I felt sick this evening. I was not happy with what happened. Not in anger, just in shock.

It was such a sorry dampener on what was a weekend that had been fantastic. Formula E is amazing, it will continue to be so, and it is the love for everyone involved that made it so hard to move on from this evening post race.

And then the rumours of a missile strike from rebel forces started to appear. Videos of missiles being shot down were shared and in the bottom you can see the fireworks at the track.

It was horrible to be watching this unfurl on social media, imagining the fear that might be on the ground in the paddock.

But it’s seemingly business as usual there. Thankfully this bore no impact on anybody there because they were under no threat at all in the end and were protected but all the same, watching people I feel so closely to come under threat is horrific.

I am all too aware I am writing this ramble from the safe position of my student house and I am not on the ground, I am not experiencing it first hand and I do not wish to put my opinions above anyone else’s.

I am saying this because it has been a raw and edgy evening for Formula E fans everywhere.

We are all here for one another.

Most of all Edo and Alex are healthy and everyone coming out of this weekend is safe and well.

We are all supremely appreciative of that and we move onto the next one a closer and better community as always.

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