Mercedes unveils 2021 car… And it’s dividing fans

Mercedes have released their car for the 2021 F1 season, and the W12 has been met with mixed reactions from supporters.

The black base remains, in recognition of the team’s commitment to improving diversity and inclusion within the team and the sport.

Emblazoned on the halo was the name of their new diversity and inclusion programme, Accelerate 25 to bolster this.

There’s more use of teal especially on the front of the car and the halo, with some silver returning on the engine cover

The bold new engine cover design has attracted the most criticism for the generous use of AMG logos.

They had out there design but technical Director James Allison still remained coy and didn’t reveal the main floor changes, he said: “We all look competitively at what our competitors do and we know they do the same, so we’re not ready to reveal that just yet”

The AMG logos have been used as much as a design feature as sponsorship promotion, which Toto Wolff backed in at the launch. He said: “It’s a Silver Arrow, that’s our heritage and we’re very proud of that.”

They’ve also changed the number design on the engine cover, but the area as a whole has been criticised and joked about online by some.


The Brackley outfit are one of only three teams to have retained their 2020 driver lineup, although that was only confirmed last month when Sir Lewis Hamilton signed a one-year contract extension.

At the launch event, the best of the 2021 season so far, the team also shed more light on that, with Wolff attempting to downplay the significance of the delay.

He said: “It’s funny, there was a particular media attention on our contract negotiations. We are so aligned, in the season we didn’t have time. We looked at it in the Bahrain races but he fell ill and then we went on our holidays.”

Hamilton added he’d only extended for one year as he felt he had ‘achieved most of the things he wanted to in F1’.

Hamilton also said he expected the car to be slower this season due to the aerodynamic changes and the new Pirelli tyres that have been brought in. However, Allison later said the engine had been given a power upgrade.

Looking ahead to the next season, Wolff took the perennial Mercedes line of playing down expectations. He said: “This crystal ball doesn’t work. I keep looking in it and it doesn’t give me predictions.”