Glickenhaus confident with ACO’s upcoming handling of BoP

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus states trust into the ACO’s and the FIA WEC implementation of a ‘Balance of Performance’ into Le Mans Hypercars.

The American automotive manufacturer and racing team are set to debut into the FIA World Endurance Championship and the new Le Mans Hypercar category.

The Automobile Club l’Ouest (ACO – governing body for Le Mans) will implement ‘Balance of Performance’ (BoP) measures in conjunction with the FIA and the WEC.

On their Twitter page, Glickenhaus addressed the matter:

“We strongly feel the ACO has a lot of tools and a strong commitment to make a fair and equal BOP.

“We also feel that when convergence happens the ACO and IMSA will work together for the same result,” referring to the introduction and collaboration of the Le Mans Daytona Hypercar.

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With the likes of Peugeot, Audi, Porsche and Ferrari joining the endurance pursuit at Le Mans, a variety of machinery poses the solution of a traditional BoP.

It will adjust such factors as power output on all cars via the air restrictor and the fuel flow rate/limit.

Furthermore, the KERS deployment allowance that will feature on the mandated LMDh hybrid specification powertrain by BOSCH and Williams Advanced Technologies (spec. batteries); weight ballast falls into the mix additionally.

The target from the ACO has been to establish “a level-playing field”, with cost-caps set to do their part and not replicate the exclusively high costs in the LMP1 (Hybrid) era.

Glickenhaus concluded:

“It is a very complex task considering the disparity of AWD Hybrid LMH, 2WD LMH, grandfathered LMP1 (Alpine), LMDh and LMP2 but in the end the desire of the ACO and IMSA to be fair and balanced will prevail.”

More entries are set to decide on the LMH and LMDh packages and whether to enter the top-level endurance sports car era of Le Mans Hypercar.