Glickenhaus prospects 1400 hp road-legal variant of 007 LMH

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has detailed plans surrounding a road-legal variant of their debuting 007 LMH, respectively named the SCG 007S.

The WEC Le Mans Hypercar regulations allow for the race-car to be based on a road-going variant as an option (or can be entirely bespoke).

Only 24 examples of the SCG 007S will be made with two already sold out of prior interest to its build production sequence.

Glickenhaus describe this as a “one in a lifetime chance”:

“To road-register our 1967 Ford MK-IV was simple (their Lola T70, Ford MK-IV, Ferrari P/3, 412P and 159S sit amongst their road-driven racers)

“All we needed were seatbelts and treaded tires. Today it’s a much more complex task and involves crash testing, emission compliance, massive engineering, and a lot of money.”

Glickenhaus confirms 007 LMH and 004S road-car to appear at FOS

Toyota has developed the GR Super Sport alongside the GR010 Hybrid as ByKolles projected before they confirmed a miss on Season 9.

Their most recent example of road-going variants (of a racer) is the 004S which was outed at last week’s Vallelunga test.

It first appeared at the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring last year when its racing sibling, the 004C, took to a rain-soaked ‘Green Hell’ for the first time and finished 14th overall.

They detailed their goals with the 007S, which includes a price tag of $2.33 million.

For that number, a customer receives a US fully-road-legal car with a three-seat interior configuration and a central driving position.

SCG targets the UK, European, Mid-Eastern and Japanese markets and their street-legal requirements.

SCG 007 LMH engine block by Pipo Moteurs – Credit: SCG via Twitter

Glickenhaus’ 007S will produce up to 1400 hp as limits of the Pipo Moteurs engine weighing in at 1,270 kgs (2,800 lb for the American market).

In fact, the engine’s durability was put through its paces by running it up to 1400 hp figures during dyno testing at the Pipo Moteurs facility.

The exterior of the 007S would feature recognisable aerodynamic features “up to Le Mans Hypercar standards”, they claim.

Glickenhaus want this endurance-born road-legal supercar to attend any race track on standard road tyres and can lower the suspension ride height for better cornering abilities.

The LMH features race-spec traction control whilst the 007S receives road-spec traction control, anti-lock braking and electronic stability control.

Deliveries of the 007S commence two years after they secure all 24 orders.

The LMH variant is debuting later at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps season opener but digital renderings of their road-going Hypercar will be revealed soon.