Nico Rosberg’s Extreme E team has won the first ever X-Prix in the Arabian desert today. 

The brilliant partnership of WRX champion Johan Kristofferson and and Australian Rally champion Molly Taylor were unstoppable in the semi final in the morning and were similarly in a class of their own in the final.

Kristofferson was able to take the lead in an almost like for like move to the semi final where he went wide and switched to the inside and came out in front. This allowed them to jump ahead of the Andretti United car of Timmy Hansen and Catie Munnings.

Hansen had absolutely nailed the start and it looked like they wouldn’t be challenged into the first deciding corner, but Kristofferson had other ideas and pulled it off.

From thereon in it became a matter of pulling out a lead and with the plume of sand that comes from the back of these cars, it simply becomes a case of getting round the course and doing the switch legally without speeding.

The RXR team finished the race in 11m 29s and were 23s ahead of Hansen and Munnings in their Andretti United.

Sebastien Loeb and Cristina Guttierez for Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team were way off at the end and got the car home 1m 38s behind the leader. It looked like they were dealing with a power steering issue which means that the full weight of the 1.8 ton car has to be fought to the line and to finish was extraordinary from them.

That brings to an end the first ever X-Prix. The Ocean X-Prix in Senegal will be the second round of the season at the end of May.

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