Hamilton overcame challenges of seat positioning so far during testing

Team HARD Racing driver Nicolas Hamilton revealed how he overcame issues about his driving seat position in the car during testing so far.

The 29-year-old Brit has put up with the challenges of cerebral palsy which means his racing cars need to be modified and tailored to his own needs.

He went to Brands Hatch twice for testing, once on March 24 and again on March 29.

In a Team HARD Youtube Vlog, he talked about the seat-fitting struggles.

“I mean we did a seat-fit before Wednesday (24th March) last week, we got a new seat-mould made and I would say it’s down to me to make the decision of where I need the support.

“And I thought I was comfortable so then when we came here (Brands Hatch) for the actual, proper shakedown – first time the team [has] seen the Cupra out on track – I physically couldn’t drive the car.

Nic Hamilton, 29th March, Test Day at Brands Hatch – Credit: BTCC

“I struggled a lot with my legs, positioning, and the way I accelerate and brake. I was actually struggling to turn without hitting my kneecap on the right-hand side (of the cockpit).

“So we lost that day and I went back on Friday to the factory…I spent six hours trying to get the seat right.

“[It] felt like I got there, I was really comfortable and then I was just hugging Tony’s leg (Gilham – Team Principal at Team HARD) being – please get me out on Monday, let me get my day back,” he jokingly remarked.

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He explains such adjustments as changing the position of the seat base and getting the steering wheel closer and upwards to give clearance to his legs.

The widened throttle and brake pedal positions were also changed as it was for a pedal plate lowered by 20mm to allow his legs to drop under acceleration.

More was to be done for him to feel comfortable.

“I need a bit more support, I would say, on the right side for my leg. So when I turn at the moment, my right leg sort-of falls off the throttle a bit so I have to work to bring the leg back so the more support I have, the less that will happen.

“And then we’re going to space the steering wheel closer to me because at the moment, I feel like I’m stretching just to get full lock.”

These challenges are being encountered as part of his preparation ahead of his fourth BTCC season.

His 2021 campaign commences with the official pre-season test at Silverstone, then the opening round at Thruxton.