Ingram unveils 2021 BTCC livery ahead of EXCELR8 TPC debut

Tom Ingram has unveiled his 2021 look with new team EXCELR8 Trade Price Cars, carrying over his Ginsters and Hansford Sensors sponsorships.

The 27-year-old will embark on a new journey after switching from the Speedworks Motorsport outfit, to joining the EXCELR8 (now partnered with) Trade Price Cars.

As primarily featured on his former Toyota Corolla racer, were his Ginsters and Hansford Sensors sponsorship decals.

Ingram said: “I have to say, I think the livery looks absolutely awesome on the Hyundai – really cool.

“It’s obviously quite a recognisable design now, but it’s on a completely different car and I love the fact that it looks like it’s moving even when it’s standing still.

“They (Ginsters and Hansford Sensors) are the most amazing partners who have always fully immersed themselves in this incredible journey we are on, and knowing I have them cheering me on every time I take to the track is tremendous motivation.”

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From debutant to title contender: Ingram’s seven year journey with Speedworks

His new ‘Ginsters EXCELR8 with’ name marks a partnership which has been three years in the running.

Unlike his recent campaign at Speedworks, he will have to contend and work with three other teammates: Jack Butel, Chris Smiley, and Rick Parfitt Jr.

He continued: “I’m really enjoying the new environment and relishing the fresh challenge ahead.

“Our pre-season aim is very simply to make the Hyundai as quick as possible to be able to achieve the results everybody deserves right from the first qualifying session.

“I can see the potential in both the team and the car, and I’m really looking forward to unlocking it.”

Team Owner Justina Williams added to Ingram’s compliments on the livery: “Seeing the i30N looking so striking in its new colour scheme is just reward for everybody’s hard work, and we genuinely couldn’t be happier with the way it has turned out.”

They will be among at least six other teams who join them on adding pre-season mileage, with Ingram set to appear at Croft on 12th April, next Tuesday.

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