“It’s dangerous” – Russell doubles down on Bottas criticism after huge Imola crash

George Russell called Valtteri Bottas ‘dangerous’ after the two drivers were involved in a massive crash on lap 32 of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. 

Williams’ George Russell pointed the finger at Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas after the two collided in this afternoon’s race.

That was in contrast to the immediate aftermath of the incident, where Russell stormed over to Bottas’ car and slapped him on the helmet, while Bottas gave the finger to the Brit.

On lap 32, Russell attempted to overtake Bottas on the outside, heading into the Tamburello chicane; the two subsequently crashed, which caused a red flag.

Both drivers emerged unscathed, and Russell made his feelings known to Bottas afterwards. Speaking in the media pen later, the GPDA Director doubled down with his assessment.

“We’ve had this gentleman’s agreement that when there’s a faster car approaching with the DRS, you don’t jolt the steering wheel at the very last moment.” Russell accused of Bottas squeezing him onto the wet grass as well; “Valtteri moved very slightly, and that just put me off-line and put me onto the wet stuff.”

“In perfectly dry conditions on a very ordinary circuit, it’s dangerous, let alone on a very narrow track when we are turning, and there are wet patches.”

The two drivers were teammates at last years’ Sakhir Grand Prix where most people saw Russell as showing up the Finn. Bottas had endured a disappointing race up until then, from ninth on the grid, but Russell had been in contention for his first Williams points.

Predictably, Bottas saw things differently. “I’ve seen the replay, and there was definitely space for two cars at all times, so I don’t know what he was going on about after – he was trying to say something, but it was completely his fault. So quite disappointing.”

“I think that lap, or just before the DRS was activated for people, I was still struggling with the warm-up of the dry tyres. George got close, and he obviously went for an overtake in a place where there’s pretty much only one dry line.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff offered his opinion on the incident involving two of his drivers. “On the other side, maybe it was too aggressive considering that it was a Mercedes and the track was drying up.”