Red Bull Hires More Mercedes Brain Power to Lead Engine Side

Red Bull are hiring more Mercedes staff to lead their in-house Formula 1 engine project from next year. 

Red Bull’s investment in their in-house engine project shows no signs of abating. After announcing former Mercedes man Ben Hodgkinson as the Technical Director, Red Bull has now announced five more appointments.

Mercedes’ Head of Manufacturing Steve Blewett is the new Production Director while Omid Mostaghimi leaves Brixworth to become the new Head of Powertrain Electronics.

Pip Clode also joins as Head of Mechanical Design ERS, Steve Brodie is Group Leader of ICE Operations, and Anton Mayo is Head of Power Unit Design. It is heartening to see Red Bull are making significant investments into their engine division.

It underlines their long-term commitment to F1, plus recruiting people from the all-conquering Mercedes HPP Plant in Brixworth signals an intent to be the best. Christian Horner certainly feels this is the right way to go, “We know that success will only be achieved by bringing in the best and brightest talent, by providing them with the right tools and by creating the right environment in which they can thrive.”

Lastly, it is a substantial positive for Max Verstappen. His team are serious about the project, and they intend to succeed. Red Bull’s engine programme is off to an excellent start.